Which coat this winter?!…

Tous les manteaux XXL de cet hiver! Le mien, c’est le H&M, et vous, lequel vous avez choisi?!

Leonor Heleno Designs - Fashion Jewelry

gisele-bundchen-h-m-fall-winter-2013-campaignThe fashion is with no doubt on the XXL for the coats! I have mine and it is lovely blue XL coat which is a mix between the stella McCartney and the Celine coat. Mine is just from H&M (on the photo here), but looks great and feel nice and comfy. And you which one did you go for?! 🙂

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Wings of Desire….

Leonor Heleno Designs - Fashion Jewelry

00090h_592x888-1ROMANTIC, decadent and dreamy, feathers are autumn’s loveliest fashion frippery.

From baby’s-breath maribou and dainty ostrich fronds to shimmering jewel-toned peacock, few adornments can match these sartorial flights of fancy.

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